Introduction to the Curtis G4 CGC Single Cup Brewer

During Seattle’s edition of Coffee Fest, we were lucky enough to meet with Brant Curtis, who showed us the ins and outs of their new single cup brewer, the G4 CGC. Designed for gourmet brewing tailored to your roaster’s specifications, this coffee maker enables you to brew delicious drip coffee on demand — an excellent option for businesses that don’t want to brew up a full pot.

Watch as Brant leads us through the features and specs, then demonstrates functionality by brewing a cup for Gail to enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Introduction to the Curtis G4 CGC Single Cup Brewer”

  1. If I’m going to invest in a Vario-E, I’ll just make coffee in a $30 Chemex and not spend unnecessary money on a machine to heat water and drip it for me.
    This seems like something that’s just not very needed in an already saturated coffee machine market

  2. That could be said about … well … 90% of the gear we’ve seen and sold. But there’s a market for every machine — looks like you’re not the target for this one :)


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