Crew Review: DeLonghi kMix Drip Coffee Maker

As part of their colorful and compact series of new appliances, DeLonghi has introduced 5- and 10-cup drip coffee makers that are a definite upgrade in their aesthetic design.

Watch Gail talk about the features of the kMix coffee maker and brew a couple pots o’ coffee to test out how it performs.


One thought on “Crew Review: DeLonghi kMix Drip Coffee Maker”

  1. Hi Kat

    This review was very interesting as I nearly bought one of these last year. They’re sold over here under the Kenwood brand name (Delonghi bought the British brand Kenwood some years ago—Kenwood are best known for their food mixers which is I suppose where the KMix range name comes from). I came across them as they are reputed have better than average temperature control of the water and of the hotplate. Did you have any thoughts on the temperature?

    Can’t quite remember why I didn’t go for it in the end, I think the price went up (at Amazon) and I wasn’t (and am still not) quite sure of what I really wanted!

    Happy New Year


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