Crew Review: Bodum Bistro Grinder

You know us: We’re always game to take a grinder out for a test drive. Bodum’s Bistro didn’t catch our eye at first (despite its vibrant hue!) but we decided to give it it’s day in court to see if it would make a good budget option for folks not pulling traditional espresso extractions. Watch Gail as she tests it out and we determine how well it performs. And while we won’t be offering the orange color any time soon, we will be adding the black version to our site soon.

6 thoughts on “Crew Review: Bodum Bistro Grinder”

    1. Hi there –

      It’s made in China and the packaging doesn’t indicate whether or not it’s BPA free…so guessing not (since they usually want to make a point of advertising that).

      – Kat

  1. How does this compare to the Capresso Infinity or Baratz Maestro?

    I would be using it for both pour-over and to make lattes/capuccinos using a Delonghi EC155 (has a pressurized PF).

    I have to admit I am fond of the industrial design of the Bodum, and the glass holder. My current grinder has massive static issues (Cuisinart DBM-8).

    1. For consistency’s sake, I’d probably go with the Maestro — the particles are a little more evenly ground than the other models.

      – Kat

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