New! Rocket Espresso Accessories

If our love for Rocket Espresso was any more pronounced, things would be getting a leetle bit x-rated around here. As if they heard our mating call from across the sea, Rocket Espresso has launched a new line of high-end branded accessories with which to court us.

Their slew of shiny new objects (ooooo!) include a tamper, tamping stand, bottomless portafilter, frothing pitcher, knock box, a steam tip set and cups — both cappuccino and espresso styles. These gorgeous pieces are just as beautiful and functional as their machine counterparts and, obviously, are a must-have for any true Rocket lover.

4 thoughts on “New! Rocket Espresso Accessories”

  1. Hey, Kat. Do you think the branded Rocket bottomless portafilter holds up about the same as the one SCG has been offering for E-61 machines for some time now? Thanks, Eric from New Orleans

      1. Thanks! One more question…would you see any problem with popping out the triple basket in these naked portafilters and inserting a Rocket double basket, or should these naked portafilters only be used with triple baskets? —Eric

        1. No – you can put in a double if you’d like; but there is a basic structural integrity issue with these (no cross bracing on the bottom, of course) and so the width of the triple keeps the portafilter a little bit more aligned. If you used the double basket more often, you’d see the portafilter warp a little bit more quickly than usual (they all warp eventually) and then it will have trouble making a nice seal.

          – Kat

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