2 thoughts on “Crew Review: Jura Impressa C9”

  1. I had a Saeco Deluxe and it only lasted 4 years. I’d like to know if any one brand will last longer than any other one. Which require the least repairs? I never had a semi-automatic and I’ve been reading and watching your videos. I don’t know if semi-autos are worth all the effort, although you say that you get a better cup of coffee. I’ve read about the heat exchanger machines and it seems like you have to be flushing the system to get the proper temperature. If not the coffee is terrible. I don’t know what to buy.

    1. Hi Darryl,

      Can you tell me what went wrong with your machine?

      Generally speaking, we find the Juras have a little bit better build quality, but if you let me know what went wrong with your machine, I’d be able to recommend a good fit for you.

      Semi-automatics do produce a better shot of espresso, due largely to improved temperature regulation and consistency in comparison to a superautomatic. The issue around a heat exchange is that if the water is sitting in that copper tubing, it will be hotter over time, so if it’s sitting for more than 10 minutes, you just need to flush it for a few seconds before pulling your shot. This really isn’t that big of a deal. However, if you’re really interested in gaining the benefits of the semi-automatic and have some concerns over being able to regulate the temperature, you could look into a model such as the Alex Izzo, which has a factory PID installed and would enable you to control the temperature very specifically.

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