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Crew Review: Chemex + Coava Kone

Coava Coffee introduced a fine mesh stainless steel filter for the popular Chemex brewers, and they are one of the most difficult items to keep in the warehouse!

We asked Allison to do some research and then brew up a batch of coffee using the Chemex 6-cup brewer and the Kone filter. Watch and enjoy!


Crew Review: Chemex

The Chemex is easily one of the most long-loved piece of coffee brewing equipment — it’s simple, easy to use and creates an excellent cup of coffee. Also, who can’t love it’s cool 70’s-era design?!

Watch Allison take our 6-cup Chemex out for a test drive, providing some tips from what she’s learned in her research and experiments and brewing up a couple lovely cups of coffee.


Blind Taste Test: Technivorm KB741 vs. Breville YouBrew

Sure, we dig all the bells n’ whistles Breville’s new grind and brew coffee maker has — a little shiny shiny goes a looooong way in our world. But does its brew actually stand up against the dearly loved Technivorm from which the crew drinks their morning java every day?

We brewed up two pots and had Jess, Brandon and Allison give us their opinion regarding which one they preferred.

Gear Testing: Frieling One Cup Brewer

It took us a couple times to get ‘er right, but eventually we did! Our first test drive was not very successful because, honestly, we had difficulty interpreting the highly complex iconography provided by the manufacturer. Hey — it was early, okay?!?!?

After we posted the video, we received tips from our ever-loving community and we took a second pass at this, with fairly good results. We definitely think this one-cupper would be a great addition to your camping equipment.

Crew Review: Breville YouBrew Coffee Maker

There are a variety of schools of thought around coffee preparation: On this, we can all agree. While there are folks that are die hard espresso enthusiasts, there are others that are never going to give up their daily pot of drip coffee. It is for the latter that Breville has released their new grind and brew coffee maker, which has the unique functionality of being able to brew different size pots or single cups at a time. With most coffee makers, you determine your overall volume by how much water you put into the reservoir — all of it’s going to be used in the brew. With the YouBrew, however, you can keep the reservoir full and select different sizes, so it functions a little more closely to a superautomatic espresso machine (unfortunately, without kicking the coffee to the side afterward!).

Watch as Gail tries out the YouBrew for the first time — taking us through features, functionality and brewing a pot of coffee. As of this writing, the YouBrew is slated to launch around the end of October, 2011.

The Great SCG Stovetop Video

For years we have had folks ask us about this and we were finally able to coerce Rade (our resident stovetop espresso aficionado) to take us through the whys and hows of this ancient art.

Watch as he talks about the different features of the stovetop models that we carry, the basic process this prep method involves and steams us up a rich and hearty brew. Yummy!

Crew Review: Walkure Karlsbad Porcelain Coffee Maker

German porcelain manufacturer Walkure is throwing their wares into the slow brewed coffee contest! This classy number is not only gorgeous and high quality, it makes a pretty darn good cup of coffee, too. You have to grind on the coarser side of things — somewhere between drip and press pot consistency — and it takes a little bit of care and feeding, but the end result is a lovely brew in an even lovelier pot.

Watch Gail go over the features and demonstrate how to use the Karlsbad coffee maker (AKA kaffeemaschine in it’s native tongue).