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Talking about Water Filters & Softeners

Mineral content in your water will play a part in the coffee that you make and your machine’s longevity. In this video, Gail talks to us about a few different filters and softeners available for espresso machines, as well as explaining how a filter and softener differ.

Video Crew Review: Capresso 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine

We heartily believe that there is a market for every machine; none of them are perfect, but if you can find the one that hits closest to your mark, you’ll be a happy camper.

The Capresso 4 Cup Espresso & Cappuccino machine is steam driven, so many espresso purists may dismiss it purely for this fact alone. However, if you are fond of stovetop/moka pot espresso makers, cafe con leche, cafe au lait, or any variation of strong coffee mixed with hot milk, this machine could be the one for you.

Watch as Gail demonstrates its functionality and gives us some tips on usage. You can read our initial Crew Review from a few weeks ago here.

Field Trip: Hario USA – The Great Pour Off: Gail vs. Velton

The final video (yes, can you believe it?!) from our field trip to Hario USA earlier this year features a competition between Gail and Velton regarding who could produce the better cup of pour over coffee. Velton might have had the edge, since his coffee was ground in a hand mill that had previously ground cloves — truly making it a ‘clovered coffee’. Hilarity ensues.

Field Trip: Hario USA – Slow Cold Brew

Some folks live for iced coffee alone, and options like the old toddy makers or the newfangled Hourglass create a deliciously smooth brew that isn’t watered down by melting ice. Hario also has a slow cold brew option that is both beautiful and functional.

Edwin Martinez talks to us about Hario’s cold brew — something we’re looking forward to trying in the future.

Field Trip: Hario USA – Edwin Demos a Halogen Bar

As magical as it is tasty, commercial grade halogen bars are configurable to brew at a flatline temperature, which is fairly unique amongst coffee brewing methods. When we visited Hario USA, Edwin Martinez showed us how this awesome machine works — and while it would be rare to use these at home (or even to see them in cafes in the US, actually), we thought the mad science + brewing tips shed some great light on making great coffee in general.

21st Century Coffee Klatch

We can just hear it now: ‘Coffee? Anyone need some coffee? I really want to make coffee. Hey, you — coffee? Want some coffee? I can make you some. Coffee. Coffee, anyone? SOMEONE DRINK MY COFFEE.’

While Primula’s Speak n’ Brew isn’t teetering on the verge of insanity like a self-actualized toaster stuck aboard a mining ship adrift in deep space, it will offer you a little bit o’ chitchat along with your morning java.┬áThe newest kid on the coffee maker block provides some call and response, allowing you to set the time and brewing schedule by voice command and talking back to confirm your orders.

It’s a cool idea…though we can’t help but wish it was a little more flexible with its command lines: Groggily shouting ‘Coffee, hot!’ would give us that giddy feeling inherent in realizing adolescent dreams of living aboard the Star Trek Enterprise. Mm-hmm, you know the one.

Technivorm Temperature Testing

Technivorms have been hailed as the drip coffee maker, primarily because they have excellent temperature regulation and are set to extract at just the right heat to get a rich, full flavored coffee without the bitterness (burnt/overextracted) or sourness (too cold/underextracted) that you sometimes find with other coffee makers that aren’t heating up to the ideal temp.

One thing that people have asked us is how hot the coffee is after it’s brewed, and then how long it stays hot when in the thermal carafe. So this week we brewed up a pot and then tracked its temperature throughout the day, with the following results:

Hours Temperature
Freshly Brewed Out of Thermo-Carafe 180 degrees
1-Hour Later 172 degrees
2-Hours Later 162 degrees
3-Hours Later 160 degrees
4-Hours Later 158 degrees
5-Hours Later 150 degrees
36-Hours Later 105 degrees in a 75 degree room

Crew Review: Technivorm Moccamaster Thermo Coffee Brewer (KBT741)

The only drip coffee brewer recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association of America for brewing at the optimal temperature, Technivorm’s Moccamaster features an innovative shower head which delivers water more evenly across the coffee to improve flavor extraction. In this video, Gail talks about the Moccamaster’s features and brews us a cup of coffee.

Keep MacGyver Outta the Kitchen

The Australian version of the popular blog site Gizmodo features the mad cooking skillz of one MacGyver Chef in all his ‘glory.’ Now, we’re not recommending the Poached Chicken & Couscous made in a coffeemaker recipe outlined in the blog post, but it did give us a laugh.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so precious, eh? Who knows what lengths we might reach for if we were forced to cook out of a Super 8 motel room? Something tells us we’d probably just skip the chicken prep, though, and settle in for the night with a six pack instead.