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Crew Review: Cups, Cups, Cups!

Don’t spend all that time making excellent java, only to serve it up in that chipped mug with coffee stains you’ve been rocking since 1986. Just don’t.

We have a ton of different cups (including the infamous Fisticup!) to choose from, and these new models from the Coffee House Collection, the 13 oz Cafe Au Lait or 8 Oz Coupe are amongst some of the more classically styled selections. Watch Gail show them off.

Crew Review: Concept-Art Accessories

There’s nothing quite so spectacular as the confluence of form and function meeting deliciously in the middle. And we’re not overstating that one bit.

Check out these gorgeous and highly practical accessories from German designer Concept-Art. Focused initially on tools for the professional coffee world, they recently expanded to include accessories that home espresso enthusiasts would also find useful and lovely. Watch as Gail shows off their tampers, tamp mat & stand, shot glasses, knock boxes and brushes.

Testing: Water Source Taste Comparison

Can you tell the difference between coffee brewed with different types of water? We have done some testing in the past that taught us the water is definitely the thing to keep in mind when brewing, but we decided to do a side by side of several different sources to find out if there was a practical flavor difference.

We brewed up cold coffee using water from a Mavea pitcher, Brita pitcher, Best Cup filter, standard resin softener, distilled water with Cirqua added and regular ol’ tap. Find out which brewed the tastiest cup!

Crew Review: Best Cup Water Filters

If you have an espresso machine that has a water intake hose (such as the Rancilio Silvia, Quick Mill or Izzo models), this in-take water filter is worth consideration. It takes out chemicals, pollutants and minerals that can contribute to scale build up, specifically designed to create the right balance for a great cup of coffee. Watch Gail take us through the ins and outs of these filters.

Crew Review: Mavea Water Pitchers

In our stoic search to find yummy water for your yummy coffee, we looked to the company that produces our commercial-grade in-line water filters, Mavea, to find a more lo-fi, home-friendly option. These pitchers take out several nasty interlopers in your tap water, including minerals that contribute to scale build up. Gail takes us through their features and benefits.