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Cold Brew Taste Comparison

Here at Seattle Coffee Gear HQ, we have three different cold coffee brew contraptions available — the Hourglass, which makes a concentrate to which you can add hot or cold water; the Hario Cold Brew, which does not make a concentrate and is perfect for iced coffee; and the new kid on the block: The Sowden, which you can use to make hot or cold coffee or tea.

We lined them up together, prepared them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and then tasted them side by side. Watch as we compare their flavor.

Crew Review: AWS NutriBalance Scale

If precision is your name, then the AWS Nutribalance Scale may be your game. We are on the search for scales to carry here in the store, and first up is our review of this fancy little number that features pre-programmed nutritional data for everything from Swiss cheese (our example) to Cap’n Crunch to figs to — yes — even coffee. We dig this scale because it’s multi-purpose and you could use it for more than just weighing out your coffee beans or grounds. Watch as Gail gives us the usual rundown and demonstrates how it works.

DIY: Custom Home Espresso Cart

With all the espresso accessories and fun gadgets you’ve been collecting, you may find your kitchen counter space getting a little more cramped than it originally was. As we have heard from plenty of our customers, counter space can be an issue and sometimes the deciding factor on what espresso toys they choose.

But worry no more! Gone are the days of catering to space over getting what you really want with Jonathan Simon’s DIY Custom Espresso Cart (video).

You won’t need to be an experienced carpenter but you may want to know how to swing a hammer. All it takes is some innovation, a $50 IKEA kitchen cart and a few tools, and you’ll have your own maneuverable espresso cart with built in knock-box for easy clean-up and extra storage.