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Crew Review: Ohaus HH120 & Salter Aquatronic Electronic Scales

We’re still in testing mode to find the scales that we want to carry at Seattle Coffee Gear. This time, we’re comparing the Ohaus HH120 and Salter Aquatronic electronic scales to see if either of them will be a good fit for weighing out coffee beans and grounds. Watch as Gail goes through the functions and tests them out.

Crew Review: Saeco Talea Giro Refurb

We are refurb crazy these days! Our techs are churning out new batches of certified refurbished machines faster than we can tell you about them, and the next up for review is the first generation Saeco Talea Giro superautomatic. It has almost all of the same features as the newer Plus version, the primary difference being that it does not have a bi-pass doser (even though it has the chamber and the lid to tease you!).

Watch Gail review and demonstrate one of the recently refurbished models.

Crew Review: Saeco Incanto De Luxe Refurb

Some superautomatics are more like robots than others and the Saeco Incanto De Luxe is a great example: A shiny happy robotic entity ready to rock your socks off with caffeine. We dig the programming functions, the metal casing and the easily navigable digital screen.

We recently refurbished a batch of these machines, so we asked Gail to take us through the features and demonstrate its functionality.

What’s this White Stuff on my Rancilio Silvia?

There are a couple of questions that we get all the time about the Rancilio Silvia:

  1. Why does my machine have two water tubes? The manual only shows one.
  2. Why is my machine white? I ordered a stainless steel version.

We briefly discuss the answer to question one in this video, but we also covered it here awhile ago. For question two, Gail explains this great mystery in the video below.

Cold Brew Taste Comparison

Here at Seattle Coffee Gear HQ, we have three different cold coffee brew contraptions available — the Hourglass, which makes a concentrate to which you can add hot or cold water; the Hario Cold Brew, which does not make a concentrate and is perfect for iced coffee; and the new kid on the block: The Sowden, which you can use to make hot or cold coffee or tea.

We lined them up together, prepared them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and then tasted them side by side. Watch as we compare their flavor.

Crew Review: AWS NutriBalance Scale

If precision is your name, then the AWS Nutribalance Scale may be your game. We are on the search for scales to carry here in the store, and first up is our review of this fancy little number that features pre-programmed nutritional data for everything from Swiss cheese (our example) to Cap’n Crunch to figs to — yes — even coffee. We dig this scale because it’s multi-purpose and you could use it for more than just weighing out your coffee beans or grounds. Watch as Gail gives us the usual rundown and demonstrates how it works.