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Ask Gail: Technivorm Internals

This week Gail answers a question from the comment section! One of our loyal watchers wanted to know what the “white flappy thing” on the Technivorm was. technivorm

To be honest, we weren’t sure! So naturally we took one apart to find out! Watch as Gail and Miranda figure out what that “white flappy thing” is before admiring the beautiful internals of the Technivorm Moccamaster.

Do you have a question you want Gail to answer? Leave it in the comment section below the video on YouTube!


Ask Gail: Does the Brew Basket with Manual Drip Stop Work on the Technivorm Grand?

This is a very valid question, indeed!

Before answering the question, however, let’s talk about why you might wish to use the Technivorm Brew Basket with Manual Drip-Stop. There are really two potential reasons you may wish to use a different basket with the Technivorm Grand:

  1. You want to brew less than a full pot of coffee
  2. You want to use normal #4 filters rather than purchasing the Technivorm Grand flat bottom filters

Do either of these scenarios fit you? Then you’re in luck, because you can indeed switch out the baskets! You will need a few other products (spray arm, brew basket lid and, of course, the brew basket with manual drip-stop), so keep this in mind. Alright, let’s watch that video!

Crew Review: Technivorm Grand Coffee Brewer

A Technivorm that is large enough for the office? Why, yes, we do have one of those! It also works for technivorm-grandhouseholds with several coffee drinkers and extremely large mugs. You know, like ‘larger than your head, it won’t fit in any cup holder’ large. We all have one, so no use denying it…

Now, back to the subject matter at hand: The Technivorm Moccamaster Grand Coffee Brewer! This bad boy brews right around 54 ounces of coffee, features a hot plate to keep your brew super drinkable and has a drop-stop switch so you can grab that first cup mid-brew without a massive mess. Now that’s what we call forward thinking!

While we’re talking about forward thinking and all, now would be the time to share an inside tip with you: You’ll need to pick up some special large filters to use with the Grand.

Those are some of our favorite features, but we all know that a new product would be incomplete without a Crew Review from Gail, so check out the one below!

Crew Review: Technivorm KB741 – Redux!

Technivorm KB741Last, but certainly not least, in our series of refreshed Technivorm Crew Reviews covers another of our original model styles, the KB741. With a glass carafe, auto shut off and the manual lever system that allows you to slow your roll when brewing smaller volumes, it’s the go-to model here in SCG’s break room.

Watch Gail guide us through its features and specs, then show off how easily its internal lava lamp produces a delicious pot of coffee! Enjoy.

Crew Review: Technivorm KBT741 – Redux!

Technivorm KBT741Yes, we’ve been hitting the Technivorm’s hard lately, but that’s just because we wanted to refresh all of our reviews and give you the latest and the greatest SCG crew perspective on these popular coffee makers. So please don’t be annoyed that today’s post covers yet another Technivorm review — this time, it’s one of the first model styles that we carried, the KBT741.

The KBT741 features a large (40 oz) thermal carafe and the tried-and-true manual lever that allows you to slow down the brew for smaller yields, if necessary. Other than that, it has the same, awesome build quality and copper heating element, so produces exceptional coffee for you and everyone you love.

Watch Gail take us through how it works and then show us its brew process by making a pot of coffee!

Crew Review: Technivorm KBTS – Redux!

Technivorm KBTSThe next Technivorm model up for a refreshed Crew Review is the more petite lil’ guy that they have available, the KBTS. While their other models offer 10 cups (at 4 oz. apiece), the KBTS brews up 8 cups (also at 4 oz. apiece) so is a great choice for those that want a thermal carafe and a smaller yield. Other than that, however, it’s technically similar to its larger brethren — copper elements and excellent build quality — and the coffee it produces is similarly tasty.

Watch Gail guide us through its features and then demonstrates how easily it crafts a delicious pot o’ java.


Crew Review: Technivorm CDGT – Redux!

Technivorm CDGTEffortlessly embodying the axioms you get what you pay for and you get what you give, all it takes is one sip of the coffee produced by a Technivorm and you understand why it’s one of the specialty coffee world’s darlings.

Robustly built with high quality components — including a copper heating element — and simple in its feature set, this is not the coffee maker that will grind your coffee for you, brew it before you wake up, clean itself at the touch of a button … and then walk the dog. It’s also not the coffee maker that is going to go out in a blaze of glory after a couple of years — we’ve heard tales of folks rockin’ the same Technivorm they purchased in the ’70s. And while its five year warranty isn’t going to cover its entire lifetime, it’s still the broadest warranty offered on drip brewers.

In this review, Gail covers the cylindrical CDGT model, which, in addition to its curvy design, features a thermal carafe and mid-brew interrupt. Watch as she talks to us about its specs and then demonstrates making some of the best coffee we’ve had from a drip coffee maker.

Crew Review: Technivorm H741 / K741 – Redux!

Technivorm K741 / H741With the same internal heating technology of some of its more feature-laden counterparts, the H741 / K741 coffee maker from Technivorm is a bit more budget-friendly. While it doesn’t have mid-brew interrupt or the ability to slow down the brew for smaller yields, it still produces a delicious cup of coffee.

You may be asking why we’re giving you two model names …well, Technivorm USA has this model listed as the K741 on their website and product lists, but the boxes we receive are labeled H741 … from what we can tell, they’re functionally identical, but we wanted to speak to both models so that, as you were doing your research, you’d be know that people were talking about the same one. If we learn anything more / different, we’ll definitely do an update.

In the meantime, learn more about the K741 / H741 during Gail’s refresh of our crew review and demonstration video.


Crew Review: Technivorm KBG741 – Redux!

Technivorm KBG741Given our deep love for anything and everything coffee-related, it’s probably no surprise to you that, at any given moment, we have three different Technivorms brewing up coffee for the crew every day. We have a variety of ‘reasons’ why this is the case — sampling new coffees, experimenting with new recipes, comparing performance — but it’s really all about us getting jacked up on super delicious java!

Since we’ve been treated to these lovely coffee makers for the last few years, we decided it was time to refresh our reviews of them. So behold: Episode One! Gail takes on the KBG741, which comes in a variety of colors, features a glass carafe, mid-brew interrupt and auto-off so you don’t actually burn down the house. Watch her talk us through the features and functionality, then demonstrate brewing a pot on this popular drip coffee maker.