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Crew Review: Curtis GSG 3BLK Commercial Coffee Grinder

Curtis GSG Coffee GrinderIt’s true that if you’re brewing up batch after batch of drip coffee in your cafe, you need a grinder that is going to keep up with you. The GSG by Curtis is specifically engineered to quickly grind coffee for a variety of prep types — from press pot coarseness to nearly espresso fine. You just measure out how much coffee you want to grind, select a grind level and take it away! The GSG is also a great option if you’re a small grocery that would like to offer your customers the ability to grind their whole bean coffee before they head home.

Watch as Brandon guides us through the features and specs of this grinder, then demonstrates its coarsest setting and its finest setting.

Crew Review: Curtis TLP Thermal Low Profile Commercial Brewer

Curtis TLP Commercial Coffee BrewerIf your commercial or office kitchen features cabinets that overhang in a manner similar to that of most home kitchens, finding a high capacity coffee brewer can be a bit of a challenge. Most models feature multiple hotplates or brew directly into a very large airpot, making it difficult to snug ‘em up under your cupboards. That’s where the TLP from Curtis comes in — all the delicious coffee brewed at a rapid space at just a fraction of the height!

Watch as we go through its features and specs, talk about its programming functionality and then brew up a batch of coffee (with a little help from the Curtis GSG grinder, of course).

How Much Should You Invest in Your Commercial Espresso Machine?

HowMuchToInvest-icon2If you’re in the process of considering which espresso machine to purchase for your business, the price tags can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. It’s beneficial, however, to view this as an investment on which you’ll see a return — after all, you will be using it to run your business! We asked our commercial sales manager, Brandon, to talk us through what to expect in terms of return on this investment.

Because overhead such as utilities, space rental or labor are all over the board, we concentrated on gross profit alone. It’s a great place to start when working out the numbers for your business.

Want to take this info on the road with you? Check out this handy infographic.

Crew Reviews: Curtis D1000GT & Single Cup Brewers

curtis_logo hrIn the world of commercial coffee beverage service, Curtis offers a variety of models in all shapes, sizes and formats. Old school carafe, thermal airports and even a gourmet single cup brewer are on offer, and in today’s blog, we’re going to cover two of them: the D1000GT Twin Airpot and the G4 Single Cup.

Watch Gail’s provide a feature overview, functionality tour and brew demonstration on each of these coffee makers.

Curtis D1000 GT Twin Airpot Brewer

Curtis G4 CGC Single Cup Brewer

Crew Review: Curtis G4 TP15S Single ThermoPro Brewer

Curtis G4 TP15SLike it’s double-team and single cup counterparts, this TP15S features Curtis’ sophisticated G4 programming. Through a touch-screen interface, you can set your own recipes for the different roasts you offer your customers, or easily upload the roaster’s recommendations via a USB thumb drive.

The TP15S can brew up to a gallon and a half of superb java in about 10 minutes, so it’s seriously only for fast paced businesses or those among us that have so many friends we might consider you a braggart. But we’ll still love you (and your awesome coffee!) anyway. So, please invite us to join you.

Watch Gail take us through the basics, then whip up a batch for the entire crew to enjoy!

Crew Review: Curtis D60GT Thermal Brewer

Curtis D60A variation on their direct-to-airpot brewer, the D500, Curtis’ D60 gives you the tools you need to deliver coffee like Flo down at the greasy spoon! The only difference is that your coffee is going to taste much more amazing because you made it using Curtis’ excellent brew technology.

Watch Gail walk through the programming interface and functionality, then we make a pot of coffee, sit back and gossip with the best of them.


Crew Review: Curtis D500GT Single Airpot Brewer

Here’s the story: Your cafe’s swingin’ into high gear and while you want to serve up delicious, fresh, hot drip coffee, you don’t have time to pour out each cup. So why not brew directly into an airpot, put it out on the counter and have your customers serve themselves? The D500GT by Curtis allows you to do just that.

Watch as Gail goes through the features, interface and programming of this easy-to-use commercial coffee brewer, then demonstrates making a batch directly into an airpot.

Crew Review: Curtis G4 TP15T Twin ThermoPro Brewer

Designed for busy cafes, large office kitchens or just seriously addicted coffee lovers, Curtis’ G4 TP15T Twin ThermoPro Brewer is a serious piece of kit.

Featuring programmable brew options, an intuitive touchscreen interface and dual, large capacity thermal dispensers, this is the coffee maker you need if you’re looking to sling large amounts of java in a short period of time.

Watch Gail take us through the features and specs, then brew up up pot for us to sample the brew. Delish!


Introduction to the Curtis G4 CGC Single Cup Brewer

During Seattle’s edition of Coffee Fest, we were lucky enough to meet with Brant Curtis, who showed us the ins and outs of their new single cup brewer, the G4 CGC. Designed for gourmet brewing tailored to your roaster’s specifications, this coffee maker enables you to brew delicious drip coffee on demand — an excellent option for businesses that don’t want to brew up a full pot.

Watch as Brant leads us through the features and specs, then demonstrates functionality by brewing a cup for Gail to enjoy.

Selecting a Commercial-Grade Espresso Machine

You wake up one morning and think, I want to open up my own cafe! Or perhaps you’re already running a small business and you want to add espresso as a complementary service. Or you’re the operations manager at your company and you think espresso in the break room would be an awesome idea. But how do you choose from the plethora of machines available? Do you need a one group, two group — four group?! — machine? What do the terms ‘semi-automatic’, ‘automatic’ and ‘volumetric’ mean in terms of actual functionality and your business’ workflow?

In this overview, Gail walks us through a few things you should consider as you’re researching commercial espresso machines. She discusses how to plan for your busiest times, your budget, your workflow needs and — of course! — grinders! If you’re just getting started and don’t know where to start, this video primer is the place for you.