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Playing with Aeropress Brew Preps

Look, summer is approaching. It may not feel like it in your neck of the woods (it certainly doesn’t in ours), but the calendar does not lie.  And now is a great time for you to pick up your travel-friendly coffee gear and get to know it up close and personal before you’re stuck with each other in the backwoods of the Appalachia, dusty peaks of the Sierra Madre and / or the semi-rough and tender South Seas.

One of the crew’s favorite on-the-go prep methods is the ever popular AeroPress and we asked Gail to show us how she preps her java when she’s on the road. We also experimented a bit with an espresso-infused extraction we had seen last year at the US Barista Championships to see if it was good / bad / ugly. Watch and learn!

Crew Review: Espro Coffee Press

One of our favorite coffee prep methods is press pot / French press and so we were very excited to try out Espro’s unique version of this. In addition to the usual filter screen, it has a microfilter that takes out the ‘silt’ often found in press pot coffee, leaving you with a delicious cuppa sans sludge.

Watch Gail take it for a test drive.

Choosing a Filter for Jura Superautomatics

With so many different model variations and filter options, we often hear from confused customers who don’t know which filter to purchase for their specific Jura machine. These can be a bit pricey, so purchasing the wrong filter can definitely make an unhappy dent in your wallet. Watch Gail go through the filters for each type of machine and check out the table below for a handy guide to choosing your filter in the future.

Update for Refurbished Models: Jura recently let us know that if they are required to replace a defective or damaged water tank during the refurbishment process, they will be replacing them with the Clearyl Blue versions of the tank (described below as having a light blue lid and white dial). In the event that they do this, they are including a note with a reference to the specific water filter model number you should purchase for your Jura. Please check your machine’s water tank color prior to purchasing, as that is the most accurate way to determine whether the White or Blue filters will fit your machine.

Filter Type Machine Model

Claris 7525

  • C1300
  • C1500

Claris 7520

  • C1000
  • C3000
  • S7 (original model)
  • S8
  • S9 (original model)
  • X7

Clearyl White (75)

  • E8
  • E9
  • F7
  • F8
  • F60
  • C9 models with black lid and white dial covering filter in water tank
  • J5
  • S7 Avantgarde
  • S9 One Touch
  • S9 Avantgarde
  • Z5
  • Z6

Clearyl Blue (60)

  • ENA Micro 1
  • ENA 3
  • ENA 4
  • ENA 5
  • ENA Micro 9
  • C5
  • C9 models with light blue lid and white dial covering filter in water tank
  • J9
  • Z7

Coming Soon! Frieling Coffee Press Gear

In our quest to expand our available coffee presses to the best we can find, we ran across an insulated coffee maker by Frieling and their French Press timer. We love the design of the Frieling version — simple, elegant with a smooth handle design that is attached only at the top of the carafe. We think it looks modern and classic at the same time (is that possible? Sure!) and will add a touch of sleekness to your coffee gear.

Their Cilio timer has either a clip or magnet so you can attach it to your press and then set the clock — no more wondering how long that java has been steeping! This is a great, worry-free way to ensure consistent coffee press extractions.

We’ve tested ‘em and are awaiting inventory, so if you’re interested in picking them up as soon as they are in stock, you can sign up to receive an email on their respective product pages.

Coming Soon! Sowden Soft Brew Coffee Maker

Last week, we brewed up a deliciously smooth cup of coffee using the Sowden Soft Brew — and loved it so much that we knew we had to carry it! Featuring a unique microfilter, this coffee brewer can use almost any coarseness of coffee grind so that you can brew very different cups of coffee with the same maker. It would also make a great tea brewer, as well, and can be used for both hot and cold extractions.

We just added it to our site and will be receiving inventory shortly, but you can sign up to get an email when it comes into stock if you want to jump on it all quick like. We’ll also be performing more testing with it — how different grinds taste, cold vs. hot extractions, etc. — so watch for more updates as we play around with this saucy new little gadget.