Crew Review: Breville Oracle Espresso Machine

Breville OracleYou’ve been asking about it, and now we have it! That’s right, the Breville Oracle is here at last. The next generation of their previous dual boilers, Breville has really out done themselves with this machine. As such, the Oracle has a lot of the great features fans of Breville machines have grown to love, as well as some very impressive new ones.

For many of us, it was love at first sight when this beautiful machine arrived at our door. Gone are the need for a grinder, scale and tamper as all these features are built into the machine. That’s right, the Oracle will automatically dose, grind and tamp your coffee straight into the portafilter that is included with the machine. If you feel like letting out your inner barista, you can still adjust the grind, the tamp pressure and length of the tamp, shot temperature and the shot volume. However, the automation doesn’t end there. The Breville Oracle espresso machine can also heat and steam your milk to the exact temperature and texture that you desire. Better yet, the steam wand comes with an auto-purge feature so you can clean it after each use, which is important when dealing with hot milk. This will allow to you to avoid sucking milk back into the boiler and causing damage to your machine, a la our example last week.

The only thing the Oracle couldn’t do was divine what category of machine it should fall into for us. After a bit of debate, we decided the Oracle is a semi-automatic as you still have to grind and tamp espresso into a portafilter. However, the fact that these features are automated makes it a super, semi-automatic. Experience the joy of this machine yourself and come by our store and give it a whirl. Of course you can also sit back, relax and watch as Gail and Dori test it out and make us a drink, complete with latte art.

Crew Review: Breville Oracle BES980XL

8 thoughts on “Crew Review: Breville Oracle Espresso Machine”

  1. Hello…I Love Breville!!! Not sure that I would want to give up that much control though… too OCD for that 🙂 Just a quick comment on the new “style” of vids… must say I prefer the old less polished … more off the cuff and fun videos! Just my 2 cents! Thanks for all of the info. g

    1. Hi Greg,

      Yeah the Oracle does do a lot for you! Thanks for the feedback on the videos, we felt it time for a change in our videos, so that’s why the style is a little different than before.



  2. I recently bought the breville oracle after my 16 year old espresso machine decided to retire. I couldn’t be more pleased. Technology has come a long way since my last purchase and I’m thankful for the perfect extraction every morning!

  3. I like the look and features of this machine but I worry that on top of a dual boiler espresso machine isn’t the best place to store coffee beans. I only make 1 or 2 cups a day usually. It seems to me that even if I only put a few beans at a time into the hopper some remaining beans or grounds will stay in there and bake. Or am I worrying unnecessarily? Thanks!

    1. Hi David,

      The heat from the machine shouldn’t bother your beans. The plastic on the bean hopper is pretty thick so it should protect the beans. The only reason we advise that you fill a bean hopper on a machine only half full or with just the amount of coffee that you will use for the day is that they can get stale from being exposed to air and light for an extended period of time. So if you put a few beans in the hopper as you mentioned, you should be fine and any left over beans won’t get baked.



    1. Hi Sharon,

      Congrats, on the getting an Oracle, they are awesome machines!We have found several of the Zoka blends to be very tasty in Oracle. In particular, the Cuatro and Paladino blends are great. We also really liked Cafe Ladro’s Ladro Espresso blend.

      I hope that helps!


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