Crew Review: New Rishi Tea

Earlier this year, we added a wide array of delicious, loose leaf teas from Rishi Teas. Shortly thereafter, we filmed a few tastings of them so that you could learn what kind of flavors and notes these teas offered. Since adding three new teas to our selection, we decided that we should give them the same treatment, no?!

The new kids on the block are Tangerine Ginger, Vanilla Pu-erh and Chocolate Chai teas. For those of you not interested in watching Brandi and Bunny taste these teas and give their opinions, here are the crib notes:

  • Tangerine Ginger – This tea features hibiscus, so brews up into a brilliant ruby color. The tangerine gives it a bright top note, complemented by the warm spice of the ginger.
  • Vanilla Pu-erh – The earthiness of this pu-erh is balanced by smooth vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. A rich brew that is a great choice for someone who would prefer to have coffee but needs to tone down their caffeine intake a bit.
  • Chocolate Chai – Brewed like a traditional tea, this tastes spicy and smooth, with just a hint of bittersweet chocolate. When mixed with warm milk, it’s rich and creamy, a more rowdy interpretation of a hot cocoa.

And for those of you who would like to watch the show, here it is:

Crew Review: New Rishi Tea

4 thoughts on “Crew Review: New Rishi Tea”

  1. As a Wisconsinite, I’m happy to see Rishi growing so quickly. Their most popular product, I’d wager, is their pre-brewed chai concentrate. I’d say you should carry it, but I know you guys push Monin hard, and they have a concentrate too. I’ve had a jar of the Chocolate Chai around for a while, maybe it’s time to break it open?

    Aside: why is everyone who works at SCG a babe? Not that I’m complaining…

    1. Thanks for the recommendation on the chai concentrate! While we carry Monin syrups primarily, we’re always open to trying and offering new varieties if we dig them. I’ll let the product folks know that they should see if they can get a sample from Rishi :)

      – Kat

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