Crew Review: Rancilio Silvia V3 – Redux

Rancilio SilviaWe’ve been setting the Rancilio Silvia up against foe after foe in our legendary grudge matches lately, so we decided to give her a little showcase all on her own.

The version 3 of the Silvia was released a few years ago and, in that time, Gail has had a lot of time to thoroughly get to know her. Learn all about the Silvia’s features, technical specs, tips, tricks, quirks and performance in this updated review video.



9 thoughts on “Crew Review: Rancilio Silvia V3 – Redux”

  1. Thanks for this updated video – and I have watched all of your videos…they are very helpful!

    here’s why i’m writing…
    I bought my machine from you a few years ago and love love love it! my only issue – and i’m wondering if you’ve heard this from any other customers, or experienced it yourselves – is the black metal sides of the base, where the drip tray slides in…it is rusting horribly. And because of the rust, it has warped and is now very difficult to slide the drip tray in and out. I’m distraught because everything about this machine is perfect and in great shape. I take care of it and it has never been left soaking or in water. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions as to how I can fix/replace/remedy the problem? I’d appreciate any help at all!!
    Thanks, kim

    1. Sadly, we haven’t seen this before! The only thing I can think of is maybe sanding down the sides and repainting it with an anodized paint? It’s not an easily replaceable part. You could also poke around some of the forums (Coffee Geek or Home Barista) to see if any other owners have experienced this and, if so, how they resolved it.

      Sorry I can’t be of more assistance! Let me know if you find out any remedies.

  2. Thanks Kat. I did as you suggested and joined the Coffee Geek Forum where I found a number of people (at least a dozen) who have had the same rusting issue with the Silvia. The only suggestion most of them had was to fix it myself via steel wool, emory paper to remove all the rust…followed by several coats of rustoleum paint. While I consider myself pretty self-sufficient, a project like this one might be out of my realm. But I plan to try! I also plan to contact Rancilio, although I don’t expect a reply. Thanks again for sending me the way of the forums!

    1. Please let me know how it goes! If you’re able to do it successfully, I’d love to know your process to share with other folks that have this issue come up outside of their warranty period. I definitely think it’s a good idea to report the issue to Rancilio, but since their home lines aren’t a corporate focus, I don’t they’ll do much about it, unfortunately.


    1. Interesting … we haven’t seen it on a regular basis. Looks like maybe it’s the result of some models not being properly rustproofed, but maybe you can refinish it? Really sorry that this happened with yours 🙁


  3. other places there have been rusting complaints; did rancilio silvia address this desgin flaw? i’d like to purchase 2 units but am frightened; is there any info on exactly why this happened and what they are doing to prevent on future units? or should i just stick with purchasing saeco aroma’s (i’ve had 2 machines that have worked for 7+ yrs, with NO rust)

    1. I’ve heard of this occasionally, too, but it’s not by any means standard. Could have simply been a manufacturing snafu on a selection of the machines? Not really sure. We’ll sometimes see it on machines that come in for repair, but it’s by no means an across-the-board issue. Sorry I can’t be more specific for you! :/


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