The Great SCG Brew Comparison

It’s time for a vertical tasting! We asked Jess and Nick to join us in an extravaganza of different non-espresso coffee preparations, featuring Velton’s Twilight Blend. Watch as we brew up batches using the Chemex, Sowden SoftBrew, AeroPress, Kalita and Espro Press, taste them and then discuss how the flavors change between the different brew styles.

3 thoughts on “The Great SCG Brew Comparison”

  1. I’d like to see you try using the sowden by microwaving the water to boiling, then waiting 30 secs., and upping the grounds to water ratio (48 grams coffee / 650 grams water). I brew 4 min., stirring after 30 secs. and again after 2 min. Finally, I grind slightly coarse for the Sowden.

  2. I forgot to emphasize that you need to microwave the water in the porcelain container to heat it properly. Then you add the stainless steel basket with the coffee.

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