Brewin’ with Brandi: Merry Mocha

If the weather outside is frightful, etc. etc. If we’re honest, we have yet to see a speck o’ snow in these parts, although we’ve had enough rain that kayaking to work almost seems like a feasible option. If there’s a chill in the air where you’re at, or you just really, really love decadent treats, then this lovely eggnog-infused concoction will find its way into your heart.



Put chocolate sauce in your serving cup and pull shots directly into it. Stir well to combine. Steam up eggnog and then pour over chocolate & espresso. Garnish with whipped cream and nutmeg if desired.  Note: We used soynog in this recipe, which is not as thick as regular eggnog. If you want to use traditional eggnog, we recommend mixing it with milk so that it steams more easily. Individual tastes vary, but we dig 1/3 eggnog to 2/3 milk.

3 comments for “Brewin’ with Brandi: Merry Mocha

  1. jack Zelver
    January 10, 2013 at 11:01 am

    Delicious drink… I used soymilk with an eggnog flavoring. It’s perfect for chocoholics too, of which I am one. I think Brandi should write a recipe book and entitle it “tips for suicidal diabetics”. Also, Kat, you can greatly increase the viewer numbers by showing even more of Brandi’s figure.

    • Kat
      January 14, 2013 at 6:10 pm

      Hahahahahahaha – that is an AMAZING book title. Love it :)

      - Kat

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