Kaffeologie: Offering Sustainable Stainless Steel Filters

We’re featuring one of our favorite new products in our semi-regular Flash Sale this weekend, so thought we’d delve a little into its manufacturer: Kaffeologie.

Initially on the search for something to improve the flavor of their beloved french press coffee, founders Nate Jones and John Custer created the Coffee Catcher in 2009. This little gadget removed more silt from the coffee press, but wasn’t as popular as they would have liked.

‘We have the competency of working with stainless steel mesh,’ said Jones. But he wondered ‘if there are any other products  in coffee that need that?’ Fortunately for them, they discovered that their talent for creating reusable filters gained more traction with folks who enjoy pour over coffee preparations like the Chemex, Hario V60 and AeroPress.

By following this new direction and expanding from french press to pour overs, Jones and Custer have seen their company thrive. Based on customer input and a desire to produce the best quality stainless steel filters available, they completely redesigned their model for the AeroPress, the S Filter, which was produced in part by funding through the community site KickStarter.

‘We’ve connected to customers and have found a lot of folks who shop with us just want a better cup of coffee,’ Jones said. Stay tuned for more awesome filters for your favorite coffee preps coming from these Seattle-based designers.

4 thoughts on “Kaffeologie: Offering Sustainable Stainless Steel Filters”

  1. Dear Seattle Coffee Gear,

    I just ordered & only found out about over on the Home Barista forums yesterday Mon Nov 12th, a Kaffeologie S filter on Tues Nov 13th.
    I believe the S filter will be superior to another well known stainless steel Aeropress filter on the market.

    I can hardly wait to receive the filter & start using it!
    Craig Andrews.

    1. Awesome! We just tested it out ourselves and found the cup quality to be even better than the paper filters — strong words coming from Gail who, historically, has preferred paper filters over metal. 🙂 I think it’s how fine the mesh is.

      – Kat

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