Compare: Baratza Coffee Grinders

One of the darlings of both the home and commercial espresso communities, Baratza produces several different types of coffee grinders designed to suit pretty much any coffee need. With the majority of them clocking in at under $500, they provide excellent functionality for the price.

To break down the differences between their offerings, Gail lines them up and knocks them down! Okay, she doesn’t really knock them down … but she does show off their burr sets, compare functionality and demonstrates grind consistency on the Encore, Virtuoso, Preciso and Vario.

2 thoughts on “Compare: Baratza Coffee Grinders”

  1. Gail…I have a vario w and I don’t scoop. I grind the amount of coffee I want for the dose, then pour from the bin into the portafilter and level with the rocket scoop handle (any straight edge will do. It Is much more CONSISTENT than using my finger). It is very quick and easy, and stretches my home roasted beans because I sweep very little coffee into the waste.

    Great vids! I have learned a lot from you. Thanks!

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