Compare: Jura Superautomatic Espresso Machines

Interested in a superautomatic machine but not sure how different manufacturers measure up? We’re here to help!

Watch Gail take on Jura’s currently available (as of July 2012) line of superautomatic machines, describing their features and functionality and talking about why you might select one model over the other.

7 thoughts on “Compare: Jura Superautomatic Espresso Machines”

  1. Okay, after much research and video watching, i still would like Gail’s opinion. i want to buy a refurbished superauto machine. i like a CAPPUCCINO or coffee, my husband only expresso. which one would you pick for yourself if you had the same situation.

    Z, s, or c
    which model and why
    thanks so much!

    1. If you find yourself order ‘extra hot’ milk drinks in a cafe, then go with a standard superauto, without one-touch autofrothing. I love the C5 for this purpose. If you like standard drink temperatures, then the one-touch models are a great choice …. and now you just need to decide how much programming you want; that’s really the only practical difference between the C9, S9, J9 and Z7.

      – Kat

      1. Thanks Kat! I have a J9 and love it!, just need a SIMILAR second unit less costly, refurb under $1000.00 which has more bang for the buck?

  2. I’ve killed my Capresso E8 and am looking for another one. I can send it to jura and have it fixed for about $250, which I will do, but just in case, what do you think about the Saeco machines? They’re more reasonably priced, but does the coffee taste as good as Jura’s? It seems pretty unbeatable. The Saeco also seems easier to clean because it has removeable parts.

    1. I think for straight shots the Jura is the best, but prefer Saeco’s milk frothing functionality (either wands or one-touch) over Juras. So if you’re drinking more espresso-only drinks, stick with Jura … if you’d doing a lot of milk drinks, I’d go Saeco.


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