Crew Review: Technivorm CDGT

With its classy cylindrical lines now complemented with an industrial, corrugated metal look and a mid-brew interrupt feature, Technivorm’s new CDGT still offers some of the best drip coffee we’ve ever had the pleasure to sip.

Watch as Gail runs through the features and functionality, then brews up a pot on the CDGT.

6 thoughts on “Crew Review: Technivorm CDGT”

  1. Great crew-review, as always!

    I would like to see a blind taste-test between the Glass-Carafe KBG-741AO (variable hot-plate temperature), and the Thermo-Carafe KBT-741. Perhaps two tastings: one immediately after brewing, and a second after some amount of time, say, an hour. Let me know if you do this – I’d be happy to be the “man off the street” to participate. 🙂 Wouldn’t it be fun to perhaps poke a hole in the Myth of the Hotplate.

    I’d also like to know how much the coffee temperature drops if you neglect to pre-heat the thermocarafe. The Tv already brews quite hot as it is.

    1. Great video suggestion! I’ll add it to our list. Also love the temp analysis.

      I’m ballparking 10 degrees as we see that in general with temp reductions in non preheated containers, but we’ll test it and see.

      Thank you again!
      – Kat

      1. Cool beans. Did I just write that… So far, day one on the KBG-741 AO I bought from your fine shop yesterday. I’m liking it… but definitely having to learn a different daily grind with it. I had ground fine (using the Hario Mini Slim, of course, sans drill), and wow did I over-extract. I was on such a caffeine buzz from two cups, I didn’t know what to think. Looks like it needs to be on the coarse end of grinds.

        The glass carafe is easy to clean, and the warming plate seems to maintain a perfect 165 on low and 175 on high, but I am still wondering if I should have gone with the thermal carafe. thus the question of the hot plate “burning” the coffee over time… myth or fact.

        All this caffeine is keeping me awake. Help.

        1. We just had the main rep for Technivorm in here and we spoke about the cooking/baking of the coffee in the carafe. While no brewer manufacturer is going to tell you to keep the coffee in there longer than 30 minutes, they do have separate heating elements so the heating plate on them isn’t going to be as crazy as on other models that share elements with heating the water, etc.

          – Kat

          1. Good to know. Standard home coffee brewers all seem to use one heating element and a simple thermostat on the heating plate to both bring water to a boil and run the warming plate. It’s a clever compromise and very inexpensive to manufacture. Of course, compromise means nobody gets what they want.

            Still dialing in my grind on the Technivorm. So far, it isn’t quite as smooth-bodied and full-tasting as the Aeropress, but does produce a fine pot of coffee using less ground coffee than the Aeropress standard-recipe requires.

            I did a mini non-blind taste test, where I poured half a carafe of fresh brewed coffee into a pre-heated .5L vacuum bullet thermos, and left the remainder on the warming plate set to low. After one hour, I sampled both, and to my surprise, they tasted nearly identical (perhaps a very slight metallic taste from the thermos). Temps were identical. Hmm…

  2. That’s awesome; I love the comparison on it … I’m going to work it into our video schedule this week to do some side by side / aging tests 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiments / experiences with this!

    – Kat

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