Crew Review: Breville BES840XL

While we loved several of the features on Breville’s BES830XL, the temperature consistency did leave a bit to be desired. So imagine our tearful joy when we learned that Breville was implementing an upgrade to the internals of this machine and releasing a new model!

You can check out the differences between the older heating tech and the new heating tech (if you’re into that kind of thing) in this video. Then watch Gail take us through the BES840XL’s features and demonstrate functionality. The BES840XL will be available in mid-June 2012.

3 thoughts on “Crew Review: Breville BES840XL”

  1. Great reviews on all products 😀 have you guys had any problems or heard of anyone having major complaints with the breville BES840xl? I am considering between the breville and something like the saeco via venezia, and I cant seem to find any negatives about the breville!

    1. Thanks Peter!

      You know, I’ve heard really great things about the BES840XL as well. Both are great machines, so it really just depends on budget and desired feature set.

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