Crew Review: Breville Smart Grinder Redux

After we tested the original Smart Grinder last year and found that it just didn’t grind fine enough for espresso, we talked with Breville and learned they had 2 solutions in the works: First, they offered a shim kit upgrade that could be added after the fact, allowing the customer to modify the grinder’s functionality in order to work well with espresso. Second, they were in the process of manufacturing new burrs with improved tolerances, with the ultimate goal of producing burrs that would grind at an espresso level of fineness without modification.

Now that we have a demo model with the upgraded burrs, we decided it was time for an update to our review of the Smart Grinder. Watch Gail take us through features and specs, then demonstrate different grind levels and see how it performs when paired with the La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi.


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