Crew Review: DeLonghi kMix Drip Coffee Maker

As part of their colorful and compact series of new appliances, DeLonghi has introduced 5- and 10-cup drip coffee makers that are a definite upgrade in their aesthetic design.

Watch Gail talk about the features of the kMix coffee maker and brew a couple pots o’ coffee to test out how it performs.


Recipe: Literal Rose

With this weekend’s festivities on the horizon, we’re sure you’ve got plenty of libations planned. If you love the taste of Turkish Delight, adding this sparkling wine cocktail to the mix will be a welcome treat!


  • 1 oz Monin Rose syrup
  • 8 oz sparkling wine (we suggest the crispness of a cava)


Pour syrup into the bottom of a flute, add sparkling wine and toast in the New Year!

Crew Review: Bottomless Portafilter for the Crossland CC1

You know we dig the CC1 — for the price and features, it’s a tough machine to beat! But one thing it has been missing is a bottomless portafilter, so we were very happy when Bill Crossland introduced one.

Watch Gail demonstrate the new bottomless on the CC1 – available now (and currently included on all new purchases of the CC1).

New! Non-Pressurized & Bottomless Portafilters for Saeco & Starbucks Machines

The most popular mod/upgrade to Saeco and Starbucks semi-automatic machines is the non-pressurized portafilter, which turns a pretty basic machine into one that can produce shots that rival gear several hundred dollars up the food chain. When the last of them that Saeco had produced were gone, we knew we had to do something to fill the gap.

So we had them produced ourselves! And since we could do anything we wanted, we made them chrome-plated brass and also requested a bottomless model be manufactured. The new model of the non-pressurized portafilter is significantly upgraded in terms of temp stability and design, and we’re really digging it!

Watch Gail talk about these new toys and demonstrate a shot using the bottomless model.

Recipe: Baklava!

Are we the only ones who want to exclaim ‘baklava’ like it’s a passionate drinking toast or the kick off signal for a three-legged race? The sweet and nutty flavor of this Central Asian treat inspired our twist on a lovely cup of morning java.



Combine the sweetener and syrup together, mix well. Add coffee and half & half, stir. Sprinkle with ground clove and enjoy.

Coffee Tasting: Middle Fork Roasters

Another new roaster in SCG town! These guys are a small outfit located in Seattle’s Sodo neighborhood, founded by Matt Parish in 2009.

While we haven’t had a long history of love for dark roast coffee, we do appreciate their approach and have selected their Full City Espresso, Tough as Nails and Back Pedal Brew blends.

Watch Gail & Allison pull shots and whip up pour overs to taste these delicious new (to us!) beans. Enjoy!

Coffee Tasting: Caffe Umbria

Introducing a new roaster on SCG’s block, Caffe Umbria! They feature some of the first dark roasts that we started carrying (oh, my!) as well as some excellent ESE pods for you convenience-lovers out there.

Watch Gail & Allison craft pour overs and shots to taste the Gusto Crema espresso blend, Terra Sana Organic espresso blend and Arco Etrusco drip blends.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Selecting an Espresso Machine

There are hundreds of espresso machines on the market, who knows where to even start?! We often receive feedback from folks researching gear that it’s overwhelming to determine which machine would best fit their needs, why they’d choose one type of machine over the other or how their budget might impact functionality or features.

To assist in this, we’ve developed our first interactive series of videos that provide an introductory look at the different points to consider when selecting an espresso machine. As you navigate through this, Gail offers her recommendations for machines worth researching in different machine types and budget classes.