Crew Review: iRoast 2 Home Coffee Roaster

Rob has agreed to become our master roaster! The first model up in his journey of self-improvement is the iRoast 2, a popular entry-level home roaster that basically functions as a modified popcorn popper.

Watch as he takes us through the features and roasts his first batch of Velton’s Bonsai Blend; then we meet up a few days later to see how they compare to the master!

9 thoughts on “Crew Review: iRoast 2 Home Coffee Roaster”

  1. Presets are just a starting point for ALL roasters. In order to roast coffee any coffee, attention to the looks and smell of the beans is critical. It is not a set and forget, unless you have great home insurance and a Fire Department ready and waiting.

    Hot air poppers (like this one) need a method to quickly cool the beans, so they stop “cooking” at your exit point of the beans.

    Great tasting coffee require trial and error and constantly watching, smelling and monitoring your roasts.

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