Crew Review: iRoast 2 Home Coffee Roaster

Rob has agreed to become our master roaster! The first model up in his journey of self-improvement is the iRoast 2, a popular entry-level home roaster that basically functions as a modified popcorn popper.

Watch as he takes us through the features and roasts his first batch of Velton’s Bonsai Blend; then we meet up a few days later to see how they compare to the master!

Experimenting with Ristrettos

You know that since we are part of the goblin class, we love short things, right? It took us awhile to strong arm Gail into doing a ristretto comparison on several different machines, but we finally wore her down and here is the proof of our labors!

Watch as Gail pulls double ristretto shots (1.5 oz total) on the La Marzocco GS/3, Rocket Giotto Evoluzione, Nuova Simonelli Musica, Rancilio Silvia and  Saeco Via Venezia.

Recipe: Wobbly Chai

Based on a recommendation from one of our loyal customers, we adapted this cocktail recipe to our specifications — well, Brandi did, actually. We hope you enjoy this unique cocktail as much as we did!



  1. Combine the ground coffee and vodka into a press pot, stir well and chill for 16 – 20 hours; press filter down to create your delicious vodka infusion!
  2. In a cocktail pitcher, mix half & half, chai concentrate, 6 oz of cold water and all of the vodka infusion.
  3. Serve in your favorite cocktail glasses over ice

Blind Taste Test: Technivorm KB741 vs. Breville YouBrew

Sure, we dig all the bells n’ whistles Breville’s new grind and brew coffee maker has — a little shiny shiny goes a looooong way in our world. But does its brew actually stand up against the dearly loved Technivorm from which the crew drinks their morning java every day?

We brewed up two pots and had Jess, Brandon and Allison give us their opinion regarding which one they preferred.

Gear Testing: Frieling One Cup Brewer

It took us a couple times to get ‘er right, but eventually we did! Our first test drive was not very successful because, honestly, we had difficulty interpreting the highly complex iconography provided by the manufacturer. Hey — it was early, okay?!?!?

After we posted the video, we received tips from our ever-loving community and we took a second pass at this, with fairly good results. We definitely think this one-cupper would be a great addition to your camping equipment.

Recipe: Caramel Apple Tea

You know we’re getting into the thick of the Autumn season when we start combining our favorite holiday treat (caramel apples!) with our favorite cozying-on-the-couch drink (Darjeeling tea!).



Brew up your tea, toss in the syrup, stir and enjoy. As Rade says, ‘this is damn good!’ Trust in him.

Gear Testing: DeLonghi Dolce Gusto

You know that we are game to try almost anything — that’s how we ended up in this racket, after all! So when DeLonghi let us know that they had joined forces with Nescafe to try their hand at developing a capsule espresso machine, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to business. Not only does this machine make the java, it will also whip up your milk for you from good ol’, tried-and-true powdered milk. This machine almost brings us back to our halcyon days of pulling shot after shot of chicken noodle soup from the Lavazza Blu. Ah, youth.

Watch Gail try this baby on for size by testing out an Americano and a hot chocolate. Very interesting … but we’re not sold quite yet.

Crew Review: Saeco Syntia Cappuccino

Yet another gauntlet laid down, yet another petite one-touch superautomatic added to the fray. If we are honest, we will admit that we wish these really were robots and that we could pit these tiny superautomatics against each other in a brew to the death! But we are not honest; doing so would be too difficult to bear … so instead, we have to attempt to assuage our battery acid lust with viewing after viewing of robot camel jockeys.

Back in coffee world, Gail shows off Saeco’s Syntia Cappuccino — all clean lines and serious auto-frothing business. Watch her explain features, functions and craft herself a very tasty, enviable latte.