Crew Review: DeLonghi Magnifica S Cappuccino

In a sea of one-touch superautomatics, only the strong will survive! And the short — of course, we are biased since we are members of the goblin class. But if there’s one thing people don’t love about these highly functional robotic cappuccino machines, it’s that they often take up more counter space than a small child (which probably shouldn’t be let loose on the counter, but we don’t judge). So all the kids have come to the table with their version of a diminutive one-touch that gives you automated milk frothing and espresso shots at the touch of a button.

The newest contender is DeLonghi’s Magnifica S Cappucino. Watch Gail go through features, functionality and make one-touch drinks, including measuring the temp on the autofroth.

Recipe: The Svetlana

We know you went through a period of your life when you spent too much time sipping too many White Russians and your hazy memories of that period are equal parts confusing and terrifying. But we still care for you deeply and not only do we not think less of you, we respect your fortitude and the sheer, brute force with which you got your life back on track, eschewed all those sweet-n-creamy cocktails and put your nose to the grindstone. Now you have all the trappings of an upright citizen and you might even think you have so much going for you, a minor meander back through those bad ol’ days couldn’t hurt you, right? Right! We totally support you taking that first step down that slippery slope and indulging in our variation of this ne’er-do-well cocktail. In fact, we’ve even named it after that chick you met in a bar one night and who’s name is still tattooed on your ________.



Mix the espresso, vodka and syrup together well, pour over ice in a 6 oz-ish cup. Top with half & half to taste. Send us a postcard from Irkutsk.

Crew Review: Walkure Karlsbad Porcelain Coffee Maker

German porcelain manufacturer Walkure is throwing their wares into the slow brewed coffee contest! This classy number is not only gorgeous and high quality, it makes a pretty darn good cup of coffee, too. You have to grind on the coarser side of things — somewhere between drip and press pot consistency — and it takes a little bit of care and feeding, but the end result is a lovely brew in an even lovelier pot.

Watch Gail go over the features and demonstrate how to use the Karlsbad coffee maker (AKA kaffeemaschine in it’s native tongue).

Temperature Testing: Airpots

We’ve all come across those mysterious airpots filled with coffee — can you trust them? Is the coffee in them still warm after hanging out for awhile? Should you take the plunge (sorry) or ask for a fresh pot? In order to determine which airpot to carry, we tried out models from Zojirushi, Grindmaster and a misc. Chinese product to see how long they maintained the coffee’s temp over a period of several hours.

Watch as Gail takes us through features and tests the coffee for temperature stability to determine which model performs best.

Recipe: ‘Twas a Dark & Stormy Night

We admit it: Any time we encounter a fully loaded elevator, we think to ourselves ‘…room for one more…’ and then envision it plummeting to the bottom of the building right after we get on.

If you spent a little too much time reading and re-reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark as a child (no comment), you might be looking for a drink that is both sweet and fuerte — something that will keep you on your toes and alert lest the scratch, scratch, scratch from the basement threatens to drive you mad.



Combine the sauce and syrup together, mix well. Add the espresso and incorporate, then top with steamed milk. Wrap your jittery fingers around the steaming mug and ignore the thunder, lightening and phantasms at the door.

Crew Review: Baratza Vario-W Grinder

Baratza’s second weight-based grinder, the Vario-W, takes the original Vario’s flat ceramic burrs and macro/micro grind adjustment functionality and pairs it with weight-based calibration. Designed specifically with pour over bars in mind, this grinder can be used for any coffee prep as long as you’re cool with transferring the coffee from the weighing container to your brew apparatus. Yeah, we said it.

Watch Gail take us through how to remove and replace the burrs for cleaning, explain its programming and demonstrate the grind consistency of this cool new option.

Crew Review: Jura Impressa J9 One-Touch Cappuccino

Jura’s new J9 One-Touch takes the well-loved, sleek packaging of their J-series of machines, adds a little interface extravagance and rocks the one-touch functionality.

Watch as Gail walks us through the programming interface, overall features and functionality, then whips up some one-touch madness.

Crew Review: Nuova Simonelli Musica Lux

We’re generally loyalists at heart, and for a few years now, said heart has belonged to the Rocket Espresso Cellini. Ever sinceĀ  Nuova Simonelli’s Musica came on the scene, however, this deeply held love has wavered and — the horror! — we have even begun to question it.

During our visit to Nuova Simonelli’s showroom, we were able to get our little paws on the Lux version, which is functionally identical to the stock version save for the flashing lights. Our adoration has further deepened — yes, we love shiny things!