Testing: Steaming Lactose Free Milk

We had a viewer query regarding lactose free milk: Was his inability to get great microfoam caused by the nature of the lactose free milk or did he just need to practice more? Milk is magically (OK, scientifically) transformed into lactose-free with the addition of the lactase enzyme, which will break down the lactose before you get your paws on it. Does this change on the molecular level inhibit the the milk’s frothiness?

Watch Gail test it out on the Saeco Xelsis superautomatic to see how well it performs.

Crew Review: Breville Milk Cafe

In a world where fluffy frothed milk is the line between good an evil, where whipping up dense microfoam at the touch of a button defines one’s fortitude, where selecting one of several frothing temperatures separates the women from the girls, there is only one tool that can stand up to the challenge: The Breville Milk Cafe!

Okay, okay, you know there’s always a little good with the bad and any weapon in the war against poorly frothed milk might not be perfection, but the Milk Cafe is pretty darn close. The only automatic frother that allows you to specify a temp, it’s the hottest auto-frother we’ve tested — and you know we’ve tested many. Watch Gail take us through the features and froth up a big ol’ batch o’ moo.

Recipe: Aloha Soy!

Couldn’t find time to hang on the beaches of Hawaii, sipping an iced dairy-free latte and enjoying the dulcet tones of the luau in the distance? Recreate it at home with this cool concoction!



Combine the syrups together with the soy milk, mix well. Pour 2 shots of espresso over ice and then fill glass with the milk + syrup mixture.

Gear Testing: Presso

Taking your java on the road is one of the most important considerations for avid travelers, and several folks have recommended that we take a look at the Presso. Gail tests it out based on the manufacturer’s directions — many other folks have very different techniques for using this and achieving good results, but we were not very successful our first time out. We may try again … but with a few other portable models out there that perform better without a lot of tweaking, we’re not sure if the Presso is the one for us.

SCG Named on Inc.’s List of Fastest Growing Companies!

We love what we do and it often doesn’t seem like work, but it’s still pretty awesome to be recognized for our creativity and commitment to building an honest, sustainable business. This year, we were named on Inc.’s annual list of fastest growing private companies — we ranked #960 out of 5000! Given that there are roughly 7 million private, employer-based companies in the US, we are definitely humbled by this honor.

But we could not have done this without all of our amazing customers who have chosen to do business with us, so we thank you! It has been amazing to grow a company during such a rocky economic time and we really appreciate your support in all that we do.

Crew Review: Jura Ena9 One-Touch Superauto

One-touch capabilities usually mean a large robot will take over more than it’s fair share of your kitchen’s counter. But Jura released an update to its Ena series last fall that is finally available to everyone who isn’t part of the Sur La Table set.

Featuring the sleek lines and space consciousness of the other Ena models, the 9 also has built-in, programmable milk frothing and one-touch functionality. Watch as Gail goes over the features and makes a one-touch cappuccino.

La Marzocco Linea: Cups per Hour with Jess & Gail

When we locked Gail in a room alone with the La Marzocco Linea and Mahlkonig K30 Vario, she was able to whip up 41 lattes in an hour. How many can she make with the assistance of the lovely Jess? Find out in this riveting video that demonstrates the importance of teamwork when making lattes — and, really, when trying to make it in life. There is a lesson in here for all of us.

Recipe: Adriatic Mojito

If a traditional mojito is meant to be sipped on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, this lovely herb-heavy cocktail is meant for you to enjoy whilst dipping your toes in the Adriatic.



  1. Combine lime juice, herbs, syrups, rum and ice in a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously.
  2. Pour out into a serving glass and top with club soda.