SCG’s Latte Art Extravaganza: The Training

In our quest to produce something other than a star nebula atop our lattes, we asked Louie Poore to come tutor us in the ways of latte art. And we had a blast!

Watch Louie give a basic lesson to Gail, Allison and Rob — including tips and tricks on steaming, pouring technique and keeping things in perspective.

2 thoughts on “SCG’s Latte Art Extravaganza: The Training”

  1. I’d laugh, but I’m even worse at it! I noticed that he puts the steam wand alot farther down in the milk than I do. Maybe I’ll try that. I’ll let you know if I ever create something recognizable!

    1. A big thing for us was temperature — before, we often steamed our milk to 160F or 170F; I think the 140F – 150F has made a huge difference.

      – Kat

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