Crew Review: Saeco Incanto DeLuxe Superauto

This is one of our crew faves (from !!!Bunny!!!) and we realized the only video crew review we had done on this machine covered the refurbished models we work on and carry. So we thought we’d take you through a brand spankin’ new model — which performs exactly as a refurb, it’s just a little bit shinier. Watch Gail take us through her usual lecture on the Incanto Deluxe’s features and functionality, then demonstrate making a latte.

1 comment for “Crew Review: Saeco Incanto DeLuxe Superauto

  1. Stu
    July 1, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    I picked up a refurb of this machine >3500 brew cycles ago. Love it so, that I take it on vacation with me, if I’m driving. It’s in Maine this week. In August it will be on Cape Cod :D

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