8 thoughts on “Crew Review: Crossland CC1”

  1. I like it. How does it stack up to the Silvano? What is the warm up time? Can it be left on all day like a HX machine. Thanks for the great reviews!

    1. Fairly similar, functionality-wise, but the Silvano has a sexier case :)

      Yes, can leave on all day – we leave our demo on all day with no issues.

      – Kat

    1. You can check out a couple of comparison’s we’ve done:




      Big difference is that you have more programming functionality available on the CC1 vs. the Rancilio; also, the way the water is pulled through the reservoir -> boiler -> thermoblock on the CC1 ensures that you cannot burn your boiler out, which is a common repair issue on the Silvia if you aren’t careful.

      – Kat

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