10 thoughts on “Selecting a Heat Exchange Espresso Machine”

  1. I’m checking the site every day for that Cellini! One of those has my name on it the minute they come in! You guys ROCK, so I’m determined to wait to get one from you!

  2. You’re very welcome! I really want to support our local businesses, and my husband and I truly enjoyed meeting Gail when we visited the shop for the first time a few weeks ago. I know I’ll be in good hands purchasing my dream machine there!
    And by the way, we need to see your smiling face in front of the camera once in awhile too! I’d love to see your expressions when you taste those sour shots 🙂

    1. People keep asking for it…I say that, if we make it to 1000 videos, I’ll be in that one 🙂 Or perhaps when you stop into the store I’ll be around and you can meet me in person then! And I’ll make all the funny faces you want.

      – Kat

  3. LOL! You’re like me…I love taking photos, but not being in them 🙂 Love the videos you guys make! I’ve learned so much valuable info!

    1. That’s always great to hear 🙂 I am with you on taking photos/not being in them….although I do have a nice collection of my feet at various locations around the world 😀

      – Kat

  4. Hi Gail and Kat,

    Love your videos and products. I am trying to decide between the Rocket and Pasquini. Which is better machine overall? I have a Breville espresso machine that I want to sell and upgrade to a better machine.


    PS: Kat- we do want to see your happy face in a video soon! Your playful banter makes the videos quite
    entertaining and fun to watch.

    1. Hi Ben!

      The Pasquini’s saving grace is it’s size — it doesn’t pull that great of a shot; it’s a standard, non-imposing, suitable shot but we have yet to pull one off it that is rich and full bodied. You may also want to consider the Nuova Simonelli Musica, especially if you’re interested in an automatic (programmable water volume) because it gives exceptional shots. We just did a bunch of testing yesterday comparing it to the Pasquini Liva 90 and it’s delicious!

      The Rocket is a long time fave here — as you probably know — so if we’re strictly talking about those two machines, the Rocket makes a better shot.

      I will be in a video — our 1000th! Until then you’ll have to be satisfied with either a) random body parts reflected in machines or b) Googlestalking me. 😀

      – Kat

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