Crew Review: Cafelat Group Head Brush

You know we are so focused on cleanliness, baby! In addition to descaling, backflushing and washing all your gear regularly, cleaning around the brew head and keeping the gasket free of coffee residue will ensure an effective seal with the portafilter — and a better shot in the end.

If you have a machine with a 58mm brew head, check out this snazzy little brush by Cafelat. It locks into the brew head and makes short work of your maintenance.

2 thoughts on “Crew Review: Cafelat Group Head Brush”

  1. You guys are dangerous! Here I am, waiting for the Cellini to come back in stock, and now I’ve seen this cool group head brush (which I’m sure I should own), and I’ve also seen your video on the Airscape containers (which I’m sure I could use)…by the time the Cellini comes back in, I’m going to be spending another wad of cash on all of these cool accessories!

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