Testing: Coffee Ground Attrition & Water Content in Frothed Milk

We had a few viewer requests lately around the weight of things, so we produced two videos covering the following questions: How much coffee is left in the grinder after grinding? How much water is injected into milk when frothing?

In this first video, we weighed out 20 grams of whole beans and then ground them in several different grinders, weighing the grounds afterward to see if any was retained in the grinder.

In the second video, we weighed out 200ml of milk (in most cases — the exception being the stand alone frothers), frothed them to the same temperature on several different machines and then weighed them afterward to see how much water was injected into the frothed milk.

6 thoughts on “Testing: Coffee Ground Attrition & Water Content in Frothed Milk”

  1. why didn’t you gals use a thermometer to heat all the milk to the same temperature? depending on how long you had the milk under steam, you would get more or less water added. that would effect the results.

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