Crew Review: Saeco Vienna Plus – Refurbished

Sometimes, simplicity is the thing: Too many bells and whistles and we might never figure out how to get our espresso. Superautomatics handle most of the java crafting for you, but if you don’t need programming, a bi-pass doser or a cup warmer, you might want to consider the Vienna Plus‘ scaled down approach to automation.

Watch Gail take us through the features of this machine and demonstrate making a latte. We’re using a refurbished model, but the Vienna Plus is also available new for a slightly higher price tag.

3 thoughts on “Crew Review: Saeco Vienna Plus – Refurbished”

  1. Hi Kat and Gail,

    You mentioned that you can upgrade to the stainless Panarello on this model. Where to buy and are these fairly universal to other Saeco super autos? I own the Odea Go II and would like to replace the black plastic one it has.


    1. Hi Darren –

      Unfortunately, this stainless steel panarello doesn’t fit on the Saeco superautos with the wider steam wand, like your Odea. This is for machines that have a thinner steam tube — made primarily for single boilers by Saeco and Gaggia but can be used on this specific superauto model. Sorry :(

      – Kat

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