Crew Review: Capresso FrothPro

For the separatists in the group, we offer up a new stand-alone milk frothing/steaming unit by Capresso, the FrothPro. Whipping up silky milky (hot or cold) is easy and fairly fool-proof, which we dig — plus, the milk pitcher is dishwasher safe! We’ve seen a couple of questionable Aeroccinos, so this could be the answer to those that are a little bit too busy to handwash their gadgets.

It’s also a great value, coming in at around $60, so that’s cool, too. The inserts are plastic, however, which we don’t love quite as much — but it’s all about balance, baby.

Watch Gail show us its specs and give it a run through.

5 thoughts on “Crew Review: Capresso FrothPro”

  1. How do the Capresso FrothPro and Nespresso Aerocino compare? I watched both video reviews, and I still cannot choose :-). Which one makes more stable froth? Which one is more effective, I mean, there is less fluid milk left?

    1. They produce similar froths, but the major difference is that the Aeroccino’s electrical components are inside the frothing unit itself, while the Froth Pro’s are in the base — this makes clean up a little easier as what you’re washing is dishwasher safe, etc.

      – Kat

    1. I like the Breville Milk Cafe because it makes the milk the hottest of all the auto-frothers. Other than that, they all perform very similarly in terms of frothing.

      Hope that helps! :)

      – Kat

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