New: Bibbity Bobble-ty Boo!

Yeah, sorry for that headline.

The Great Garbage Patch of the Pacific Ocean probably doesn’t need any new additions to its plasticine mass, so if you haven’t already kicked your one-hit-wonder-plastic-bottled-water habit to the curb, picking up a Bobble will make it easy — and tasty!

If you’re like us, you’ll refer to it either as ‘boggle’ or ‘bobble’ (depending on your mood and/or the time of day) interchangeably, but if there is one thing this reusable water bottle doesn’t do, it’s boggle the mind. Sporting a recyclable activated carbon filter that will remove chlorine and other misc. tastes or odors so your water tastes fresh and clean, the Bobble makes delicious water on the go a simple enterprise.

You can also choose from a selection of filter colors — yeah, that means coordinating your water bottle with your wardrobe is a distinct (albeit terrifying) possibility. And the Bobble is free of all those nasty plastic suspects: Phthalate, BPA & PVC, so drink deeply.