Francis Francis X7 Internals

While working on a Francis Francis in our repair center, we found out it’s awesome little secret: It comes with an internal PID! You can’t adjust it yourself, and some of the newer models like the X7 aren’t designed to be adjusted at all, but it will keep the boiler’s temp within 1 degree of the set temperature — unlike less sophisticated thermostats that have a varying range of about 20 degrees and, thus, require temperature surfing.

Josh and Gail cracked open an X7 to show its guts and glory!

3 thoughts on “Francis Francis X7 Internals”

  1. I have a Francis X7 and the steaming wand is leaking. Do you know how to repair it? If you could send me some basic instructions that would be helpful. Any information would be helpful, the manufacture refuses to send anything.

    Take care,

    1. Hi Susan,

      I’m sorry to hear that your steam wand is leaving. I talked to our repair techs and they said the only way that we know to fix this issue is to take the steam wand apart and replace the o-rings. This is not easy to do – do you leave in the greater Seattle area? If so, I suggest bringing in your machine to our Lynnwood or Bellevue store and we can help you fix it. If you aren’t nearby I would take to a professional near you.



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