Recipe: LemonPomStraw

Lemonade is surely the hallmark of summer and there’s something very special about lemonade + strawberry. But can you take a great thing and make it even greater? We’d like to think so! Watch Jess whip up a couple glasses of lemonade with the sweet accents of strawberry and pomegranate. Supermeowyum!

1 comment for “Recipe: LemonPomStraw

  1. lemon
    August 4, 2010 at 3:08 am

    It’s our favorite drink, too, at home! My kids simply love it. I usually have a pitcher plus 4 separate tumblers of lemonade in the fridge. As much as possible I try to make their individual lemonade recipe, but if they realized that their tumblers has the same flavor then they know mommy’s quite busy. :)
    I’ve got to try this though, I’m excited to surprise them with yet another new lemonade mix.

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