Compare: Jura Impressa Z5 vs. Saeco Xelsis

For a long time, we had what most people would consider an unnatural love for the Jura Impressa Z5. It was so sleek, so flexible — and it did everything we asked it to. Who wouldn’t love that?

But an appreciation rooted in gadgetgeek love is always at risk of being supplanted, and the Saeco Xelsis is definitely wooing us. Watch Gail take us through the features of both of these machines and demonstrate their one-touch cappuccino functionality.

Yeah — it’s still a tough call. You can get a deeper understanding by watching the complete individual reviews of the Xelsis and the Jura Impressa Z5.

2 comments for “Compare: Jura Impressa Z5 vs. Saeco Xelsis

  1. Coffeecat
    June 15, 2010 at 9:17 pm

    I bought a Jura Z5 and it has been a lemon. Over a 2-3 year period I have had the machine in for repair 4-5 times. It has cost me hundreds of dollars in repairs. This last time I was told the repair bill would be between $500 to $1000 dollars without any guarantees. This machine has been lovingly taken care of with soft water and regular maintanence. It was used only in our home to make 2-3 coffees per day. I could not possibly recommend this machine to anyone. When it worked it made great coffee but it was just so unreliable. I bought a saeco at about the same time for the office. It is used much more and maintained less. It has been trouble free. My next machine will definately be a Saeco. I am not connected with either company in any way.

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