How to Change the Dosage on the Saeco Incanto Classic

If you have an Incanto Classic superautomatic espresso machine and you find that the coffee’s strength just isn’t doing it for you, it may be that the machine isn’t dosing as much coffee into your shot as you’d like. These machines can dose up to 10 grams of coffee per extraction, and you can specify the dosage range between 7 – 10 grams within the machine’s programming. Gail shows us how to do this little trick in this video.

2 comments for “How to Change the Dosage on the Saeco Incanto Classic

  1. Vito
    November 8, 2011 at 4:37 am

    I’m Vito from Milan (ITALY)
    Thank you very much for your video allow me to increase the quality of the coffee incresing the quantity of grams and do a better coffee (Finally !!!)

    To have very good coffe on my SAECO Incanto classic i need to increase the temperature of the boiler .

    Please , do you know a procedure to increase the temperature ?

    Now to increase the temperature , before to make a coffee i make steam for 20 seconds .
    I know it is not a good solution , but is the only way i can do without know how to increase it automatically .

    Thank you


    • Kat
      November 9, 2011 at 3:36 pm

      Hi Vito -

      There’s no real way to do this; you can do what you’re doing now which will have the affect of warming the thermoblocks and the water works up even more before you make your extraction, but superautomatics in general brew at a lower temp because of the plastic in the brew group. There’s no way to get in there and mess with the wattage on the elements, so you’re kind of stuck with the process you’re doing now. Sorry we can’t offer more help! :/

      - Kat

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