Crew Review: Gaggia Platinum Series

With a more Italian, ornate design and stainless steel accents, the Gaggia Platinum series of superautomatic espresso machines are stylish and a little more sexy than their Saeco Talea counterparts (but maybe that’s just us!).

Watch Gail as she discusses the Platinum Vogue, Swing, Swing Up and Vision, describing their interface and feature differences and then shows us how to make a latte.

2 thoughts on “Crew Review: Gaggia Platinum Series”

    1. The US importer had very poor customer support regarding warranty and repair and we elected to discontinue our business relationship with them after too many customer escalations that were not resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. This was almost 2 years ago, so that could have changed, but since their machines are functionally identical to Saeco models, we didn’t see a need to deal with the headaches.

      – Kat

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