Crew Review: Quick Mill Anita

A great semi-automatic, heat exchange espresso machine, the Quick Mill Anita gives you all the features of a home machine, but with a little lighter impact on the ol’ wallet. Watch Gail as she walks us through the ins and outs of the Anita and whips us up a latte.

3 thoughts on “Crew Review: Quick Mill Anita”

    1. It means you can hook this up to your kitchen’s internal plumbing. Some models (the Andreja or the Rockets) can be adapted so that you hook up a water hose to the machine and then you don’t have a reservoir that is feeding the boiler. Models like the Izzo Alex/Duetto and the La Spaziale Vivaldi II S1 come plumbed-in as standard. The Izzo is unique because you can actually flip it back and forth between the two water sources, in the event that your circumstances change.

  1. so non-plummable means no plumming required, just the regular old reservoir fill… that makes it that much more convenient I think.


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