Ask The Experts: How Much Electricity Does My Espresso Machine Use?

Sure, our espresso machines give us energy, but how much are they taking from the planet? We ran a test on a few of our favorites to show examples of the electricity draw and cost involved with running these machines each year. Our cost estimates are based on a national US average of $.11/kWh — you can find more accurate data for your specific area here.

Machine Name & Type kWh Used Estimated Annual Cost

Jura Ena 3 & 4





Jura Impressa Z7

Superautomatic w/One-Touch




Rancilio Silvia V3

Semi-Automatic w/Single Boiler




Rocket Espresso Cellini Premium Plus

Semi-Automatic w/Heat Exchange




Incidentally, we measured how much kWh it took to make a one-touch cappuccino on the Jura Z7 and found that it was .02kWh — at $.11/kWh, that means you’d need to make about 5 cappuccinos to rack up 1 cent in energy costs!

6 thoughts on “Ask The Experts: How Much Electricity Does My Espresso Machine Use?”

    1. We tracked the electricity usage for a 24 hour period and then extrapolated from there. During that time, we tried to make a few different drinks with it in order to simulate average use at home. The only per drink calculation was for the Z5.

  1. Can you calculate the costs for some commercial machines? I’ve got one running at 220v and 3700w on a 30amp circuit and I’m curious to know how much it’s costing me.

  2. Something is wrong with the Rocket Numbers. I was shocked to see such high usage so I plugged our Kill A Watt EZ meter to our Rocket and let it run this morning. Dawn and I each had 2 small lattes and I used some water for oatmeal from the hot water spout on our Rocket. After 3 hours, I am measuring .48 kWhr or about .06 worth of electricity. Multiplying over 24 hours would be about .25 cents per day.

    $76.00 per month is about 690 kWhr @ .11 per kWhr which is about 22 kWh’s per day which equals to 920 Watts of continuous usage 24/7!

    Can you check your numbers again?



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