Would You Like Eggs with That?

Years ago, we frequented a small town cafe that would steam up the eggs for their delicious breakfast sandwiches using the steam wand on their espresso machine. They were fluffy and tasty and so we thought that we should try this ourselves — with arguably great results!

Watch Gail steam up airy n’ fluffy scrambled eggs in a frothing pitcher, using the steam wand on a Rocket Cellini semi-automatic espresso machine.

One thought on “Would You Like Eggs with That?”

  1. In previous competitions we’ve used the steam wand to make custard too. Eggs scramble @ 86 degrees C, so as long as you stop at around 75 you should be fine.

    Now we just need a way to work out how to fry the eggs on the boiler and a coffee machine becomes the ultimate breakfast tool (like it wasn’t already ;P).

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