Tech Tip: Adjusting the Temperature/Pressure on the Rocket Giotto

While Rocket thoroughly calibrates their espresso machines prior to shipping them out, some folks have found that, over time, they can maintain their shot quality by adjusting the temperature of the water that’s delivered to the brew group.

Gail walks us through the process of popping open the lid of the Rocket Giotto Premium Plus and adjusting the pressure to improve the temperature — and while we know people love to geek out and mod their machines themselves, following this process will void any warranties still on the machine. If yours is still under warranty, leave this to the pros.

7 thoughts on “Tech Tip: Adjusting the Temperature/Pressure on the Rocket Giotto”

  1. Hi Gail,

    Thanks for the temp adjustment video.

    Question. How do you adjust the brew head pressure? (from 9.75-10bar to 9bar)

    Machine: Giotto Evoluzione, not plumbed (yet).

    Thank you.

    1. On the Rockets, you’re not adjusting the brew head pressure, rather the rotary pump pressure. You can do so underneath the machine (on the right). If you purchased your machine from us, there is a how-to video on the DVD we include that shows you how to do this.

      – Kat

  2. Hi Kat,

    Unfortunately I did not buy my machine from you. I’m in Australia (230V/50Hz) where the prices are more than double of what you are selling it for 🙁
    I know the valve you mentioned. I thought that was just to regulate the incoming water pressure (when plumbed).
    How can I obtain a copy of your DVD. It sounds interesting.

    Thank you Kat,


    1. No worries! We don’t sell the DVD individually right now, it’s primarily devised for our warranty troubleshooting & support, which is why we send it only to our customers.

      The rotary pump regulates the water pressure and when it’s not plumbed in, it’s going to just be a closed circuit. Given that they calibrate these at the factory in Milan, we do see some variance even in the closed circuit, non-plumbed status. It’s easiest if you have another person involved, but access the adjustment on the pump and turn it when you have the brew head open; your helper should be keeping an eye on the pressure gauge and watch it increase/decrease, etc. It’s pretty sensitive, so for your adjustment, a minor tweak might do it. Although not a video, hopefully that will give you some guidance for adjustment — let me know if you have any questions.

      – Kat

  3. what’s the ideal temp of the water coming out of the brew head using an empty portafilter and a boiler pressure set at 1 bar ?

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